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Healthy Communities...Healthy Babies...Healthy Start! 

What is Triad Baby Love Plus?

Triad Baby Love Plus (TBLP) is a FREE program designed to promote healthy pregnancies, positive birth outcomes and provide participants with the knowledge and resources needed to give babies their best start in life! The purpose of TBLP is to:

  • Improve the health of women before, during and after pregnancy

  • Improve father/male partner involvement

  • Address health disparities

  • Build community capacity for healthier babies

Who is Eligible?


  • Medicaid eligible women of childbearing age (15-44 years) who live in Guilford and Forsyth counties    

  • Women with a child less than 18 months of age

  • Fathers or male partners

What Services Do We Provide?

TBLP staff will partner with participants to identify and address the needs of the mother, infant and family. We have Family Care Coordinators and Family Outreach Workers who provide the following valuable services:

  • Identify developmental, social and emotional difficulties

  • Develop individualized care plans

  • Assist in establishing and meeting goals

  • Referrals to medical providers and community agencies 

  • Develop reproductive life plans

  • Health education and support group meetings

  • Provide services until the child is 18 months old

  • Home visits


  • Family Planning Education

  • Educational services (GED & college)

  • Employment assistance

  • Medical benefit assistance

  • Child care resources

  • Personal/parenting classes

  • WIC services

  • Affordable housing services

  • Mental and behavioral health services

  • Substance abuse treatment services

  • Social support services

  • Transportation services

  • Health education

Fatherhood Services:

Fathers can get current information and assistance on:

  • Health Care

  • Job Training

  • Education

  • Mental and Behavioral Health

  • Reproductive Health

  • Transportation Services

Fatherhood Classes:

TBLP offers classes such as “24/7 Dad” and “Doctor Dad” that give fathers/male partners the tools and life skills needed to be a positive influence in baby’s life!

Contact Info

TBLP in Guilford County

Greensboro Office

(336) 274-1507

High Point Office

(336) 886-2437

TBLP in Forsyth County

Forsyth County

Department of Public Health

(336) 703-3100

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