HIV/AIDS - The SCOPE Program

Piedmont Health Services and Sickle Cell Agency provides HIV/AIDS outreach, education and testing through its “Street Community Outreach Prevention Education” program (SCOPE).


The purpose of the SCOPE program is to reduce the transmission of HIV/AIDS in high-risk populations. The SCOPE program achieves this goal by offering a combination of skill-building, counseling and risk-reduction techniques in order to promote safer and healthier behavior in our clients. SCOPE utilizes the following different programs to accomplish its goals:

SISTA Project: Targets African American women in order to increase their knowledge of the dangers of HIV/AIDS and teaches effective methods of preventing HIV transmission. The goal of the program is to reduce HIV infection by improving communication and negotiation skills between women and their partners, and by increasing overall self esteem. 

Safety Counts: Targets active cocaine and injecting drug users. This program teaches risk-reduction behaviors and offers counseling and referrals.

Prevention Case Management: Targets recovering drug users in order to help prevent drug relapse and HIV/AIDS infection/transmission.

Community PROMISE: Recruits individuals in recovery from drug use and other high-risk behaviors to become role models called “Peer Advocates.” Peer Advocates seek to inspire and educate others engaged in high-risk behaviors by sharing their personal stories of recovery.

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